Public Good Studio works across disciplines to create human-centered tools in the physical and digital.

Below are samples of work from 2013 to present. What can we build for you?

Photo. Front view of an OpenBooth

OpenBooth provides privacy and focus to those working in open environments

Screen capture of many thin, small lines layered on top of one another

Algorithmic Art a partnership with the computer to draw patterns that please

Stereoscopic Camera an investigation of digital stereoscopic photography

Frames a collection of freely licensed images that help you put your screen captures in context

Ambient Timer a low-stress visual timer in your web browser

Hovermarks annotate a physical shelf using bookmarks that face the spine instead of the cover

Awesome Box an alternate returns box that sits alongside your library's regular book drop experience the library with your ears

pyfav A Python library that removes the annoyance of retrieving favicons

Do you have an idea that you'd like to hold in your hand? A beautiful, technical experience you'd like to produce and share with others?

We want to be your outsourced research and development shop.

Ideation. Sketching. Prototyping. Dreaming.

Physical and digital tools supported by modern software systems. JavaScript and Python. Simple electronic circuit design and implementation supported by sensors and networked computing.

Organizing people and breaking down complex projects into meaningful, executable bundles. Running tight, high-value, fun meetings.

3D modeling in SolidWorks. Small run CNC based fabrication. Interface and interaction design for hardware and software projects.

Human-centered design across disciplines and media.

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