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Awesome Box

an alternate returns box that sits alongside your library's regular book drop


If you are returning an item that you really connected with, drop it in the Awesome Box instead of the regular book drop. Library staff will tag it as Awesome and share it with your library community.

Why it's good

The Awesome Box's key feature is that it doesn't ask the user to significantly alter their behavior. They are already returning the item to the library, we're only asking them to choose between two boxes.

There are no reviews to write or accounts to log into, just physically vote by returning the item to one box or the other.


Annie Cain and I built the Awesome Box together in the Harvard Library Innovation Lab.

Off into the sunset

We learned a lot from the Awesome Box, but in 2016 we decided to turn off the website to free up energy for other projects.

Thank you so much, 500+ partner libraries. What a great run!

The Awesome Box sits next to the regular drop box -return to one box or the other

Some Awesome Box bookmarks

We built Awesome Boxes for several libraries at Harvard

An Awesome Box sticker out in the wild