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a collection of freely licensed images that help you put your screen captures in context


Screen captures enable us to share, visually, snippets of an application. These snippets can be powerful and convenient, but if not presented carefully they can be confusing and appear to be unmoored.

This project provides a collection of high quality images that you can use to place your screen captures in context.

Why it's good

A screen capture that isn't in a frame forces the viewer to contextualize it. That forced contextualization takes away from your content and blunts the focus of the viewer.

These frames provide a focal point. They're plain and they're friendly. Their aim is to stay out of the way while highlighting your screen captures.


All frame images have been placed in the public domain thanks to the CC0 license. You can browse the image files on GitHub.

The monitor frame. It's ready to provide context for your screen captures.

The phone frame provides context for a screen capture