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annotate a physical bookshelf using bookmarks that face the spine instead of the cover


Hovermarks help you highlight collections, in place, on a physical bookshelf.

Hovermarks are papercraft. They are printed patterns that are folded and placed in an item just like a regular bookmark.


Bookshelves and library stacks should be interactive. They should invite curation, and not only from librarians. Hovermarks encourage playfulness and interaction by being easy to create and cheap enough to be disposable.

The ephemerality of the Hovermark is its strength. It's like street art. An empty wall is a canvas. A member of the community decorates it and when it fades away, it's ready for someone else to impart it with their vision.

Hovermarks are easy - just cut, fold, and place

Two hovermark prototypes on a library shelf

Some early prototypes