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Phone booths that elevate you and your calls


OpenBooth is a piece of occupiable furniture - a booth for making audio and video calls. It provides privacy and a place of focus without modifying your building’s infrastructure.

Common applications include offices with open floorplans, coffee shops, libraries, study lounges, hotel lobbies, waiting areas, coworking spaces and airports.


Open working environments overexpose us. Too many sounds. Too many distractions. They force us to multi-task and keep us from being our best selves.

When we increase our privacy, our focus improves, and we are able to perform at significantly higher levels. We become more creative, our cognitive abilities sharpen, our stress levels decrease, our sick days drop, and we add 15% to the bottom line. The benefits of working in a focused space are clear and long established.

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OpenBooths are moveable - just unscrew the side and top cap

Dance booth, dance!

A demo of OpenBooth

Photo of assembly docs.

In-house assembly documentation

Photo of tape outlines on a wall illustrating full-sized, potential booth shapes

Tape outlines of potential booth shapes

Photo of three 1:12 scale paper model booths.

Laser cut paper models at 1:12 scale

Photo of a piece of grid paper filled with pencil sketches of potential booth features.

One of many quick sketches used to find definition and form

A screen capture of page from an OpenBooth brochure

A page from an OpenBooth brochure

A photo of walnut pieces being milled on a CNC machine

We build the whole booth - from design to fabrication

A photo two OpenBooths in the Public Good Studio

OpenBooths pair well together