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experience the library with your ears

About is a site that houses sound recordings of libraries. It helps you hop into a library, aurally, from anywhere on the Web. illustrates that the library is not a single thing. It's not a single experience. The sound in a library can range from vibrant and playful if you're in a children's room or quiet and weighty if you're in a reading room.

Noise can be good

A bit of ambient noise can push thinking in positive ways. If your environment is too quiet, it's possible to become too focused and end up trapped in a silence bubble. The right type of sounds at the right volume can be helpful.


Jeff Goldenson and I built the together in the Harvard Library Innovation Lab.

Off into the sunset

Building was fun and encouraged critial listening in the library, but in 2016 we decided to turn power it down to free up energy for other projects.

Source code is available through a dual MIT/GPL license on GitHub.

Recording the library while deep in the stacks

A screen capture of site